Entry note:
The essential information
      1. ID card, diploma, degree certificate, technical qualification certificate, skill grade certificate, special work certificate and so on, to prove the qualifications of the                 applicant's qualifications and the original copy of 2 copies;
      2. entry medical examination form 1 originals;
         (1) occupational examination items for welders include blood routine, urine routine, alanine aminotransferase, electrocardiogram, high kV chest film and lung                   function;
         (2) paint engineering occupation examination items including blood routine, urine routine, alt, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, pulmonary function.
      3. one inch bareheaded red, 4 photos, one inch inch red, 2 photos;
      4. Agricultural Bank China bank card 1 copies (five districts of Foshan opened);
      5. guarantor, residence booklet, identity card, guarantee book and 1 copies of each (driver's post).
The bus routes
      1. tourist Citybus 3 line: Gui Dan intersection station
      2.644: the village station

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